Ambassador - Utradea was founded on the idea that everyone should have access to quality investment ideas and insights.

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Utradea is a dedicated social platform for investment ideas, insights, and education.

We want to empower retail investors to leverage their friends and data driven insights to quickly find quality investment ideas and information. We are building a social platform that is changing the way people share and discuss investment ideas.

A strong community of likeminded investors fosters growth, and we believe an educated investor is a successful investor.


Have everything at your fingertips when doing due diligence


Get rewarded based on performance, views, and authority in the investing community


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What is Utradea?

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Utradea is platform for a community of users to generate, track, and reward quality investment ideas. Utradea was built to solve several common problems facing retail investors, including:

  • Information Overload - Overabundance and unstructured online investment content makes it difficult to find easily digestible investment ideas.
  • Lack of Clarity - Track records of existing investment ideas are not transparent, obscuring the reliability of the investment idea.

Utradea simplifies and consolidates investment information allowing you to focus on the important information and not become overwhelmed with useless information.

I am new to investing, where do I start?

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Utradea is designed to support a range of users. Whether you are a first-time investor and just learning the ropes or a seasoned investment analyst, Utradea provides a platform to participate in any way shape or form. We suggest the following if you are new to investing:

  • View investment position posted by other users to get a sense of how they are structured.
  • Start adding positions to your watchlist to understand the functionality and tracking progress of users investment ideas
  • Begin chatting with other users on the platform. Utradea's users are friendly, don't be afraid to ask
  • Take advantage of our other data feeds such as SEC Filings, SPAC and Reddit sentiment

How much does Utradea cost?

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Currently Utradea is free for our users. In the future we will offer paid plans for more premium features. However, our basic plan will always be free.

I am interested in Utradea. Is there anyone I can reach out to for potential partnership opportunities?

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Thank you for your interest. You can reach our team at to discuss any opportunities.