AAPL's Massive Twitter Impressions are generated by Large Twitter Accounts

Learn more about the large Twitter accounts that are driving the AAPL Twitter Sentiment, also learn about the sentiment of the AAPL Stocktwits community

AAPL's Massive Twitter Impressions are generated by Large Twitter Accounts

Jun 24, 2022 - Jack Dalton

10:37 AM


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Start analyzing AAPL Stocktwits, AAPL Twitter, AAPL conversations, AAPL message boards, and AAPL discussions.

Why is Social Sentiment Important? and Where Can You Track it?

As we have seen over the past couple of years, there were a good handful of "Social Sentiment Stocks" like GME and AMC that skyrocketed based almost solely off of social sentiment. As a result of this, many people have started to pay attention to the social sentiment behind stocks.

Out of the several Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock discussion available to for investors to share their opinions and discuss their favourite stocks, there are 2 stock discussion forums that influence AAPL's social sentiment more than any others. These 2 stock discussion forums include AAPL Stocktwits and AAPL Twitter.

The Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard allows you to track real-time trends and insights for Apple Inc. discussions and Apple Inc. conversations.

AAPL Stocktwits Sentiment Increasing Across the Board

Here are the latest analytics from the AAPL Stocktwits forum (over the last 24hrs):

  • 682 Posts (up 20.71% day over day)
  • 884 Likes (up 20.77% day over day)
  • 1.66M Impressions (up 40.16% day over day)

Overall, AAPL Stocktwits sentiment has increased over all of their metrics, furthermore, this growth seems to be consistant and potentially sustainable,, which is good. This is rather ssuprising as there was no nnews posted about AAPL over the past 24 hours, and the most recent news came two days ago (which would have made it harder for sentiment to increase as it was likely already up). This increased sentiment could stem from both AAPL Stock being up over 2% today, and over 9% on the week, making people excited about a potential bounce back

AAPL StockTwits Highlight

The AAPL Stocktwits forum is one of the most followed with over 800,000 followers. The average daily message volume for the AAPL community is 682 posts per day. However, when there is a major event (and hype) the message volume usually triples/quadruples. The posting volume is high and allows for fresh content to be consumed by their members constantly.

AAPL Twitter Sentiment Increase Driven by Impressions

Here are the latest analytics from the AAPL Twitter communiy (over the last 24hrs):

  • 1,316 Tweets (up 8.4% day over day)
  • 37,877 Likes (up 5.97% day over day)
  • 13.18M Impressions (up 90.69% day over day)

Overall, the AAPL Twitter community only has 2x more posts than the AAPL Stocktwits community. However, despite their modest 2x posting volume, the AAPL Twitter community is able to garner about 8x the amount of impressions than the AAPL Stocktwits community does. The reason behind this is the number of large Twitter accounts that are posting about AAPL, which will be discussed next.

AAPL Twitter Accounts that Influence Social Sentiment

Here is a count of “whale” accounts that are acitve on AAPL Twitter (over the past 72 hrs):

  • 209 somewhat large Twitter accounts 10,000+ followers,
  • 52 large Twitter accounts with 100k+ followers
  • 7 very large accounts with 500k+ followers

Overall, this is by far the highest amount of large Twitter accounts that I have seen posting about a singlar stock ever. This is the main reason why the AAPL Twitter community is able to generate so many impressions.

Final Thoughts: AAPL Forums and Discussion Boards

Overall, investors are very active on the AAPL Stocktwits and AAPL Twitter Forum. Being able to quickly gain insights into a stocks social sentiment has proven to be beneficial for modern investors. We suggest getting familiar with the Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard, as it is a quick way to stay up-to date with social sentiment across a wide variety of stocks.