BBBY’s Future Looks Bright After GameStop Chairman Reveals 10% Stake in The Company

Diving into the future of BBBY, a popular Reddit and Stocktwits stock, and what the recent revelation of GME chairman Cohen’s 10% stake might reveal

BBBY’s Future Looks Bright After GameStop Chairman Reveals 10% Stake in The Company

Mar 7, 2022 - George Lucas

8:28 PM


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Ryan Cohen Pushing Turnaround

Bed Bath & Beyond jumped after GameStop Chairman Ryan Cohen revealed he had a nearly 10% stake in the retailer, through his investment company RC Ventures.

Cohen, who also co-founded online pet retailer Chewy, wrote in a letter to Bed Bath's board that he believes the retailer is struggling to reverse market share losses and to navigate supply chain woes.

He said the company should explore selling itself to private equity and spinning off its Buybuy Baby chain.

“We will carefully review their letter and hope to engage constructively around the ideas they have put forth,” Bed Bath said in a statement

BBBY Stocktwits & Reddit

At the end of the day, the markets are mostly driven by the price people are willing to buy and sell shares. Because of human nature, a lot of this is driven by news and sentiment, which are found on the main channels of social media. This is especially the case with stocks like GME and BBBY. As an investor, it becomes important to track this information. This Social Sentiment Dashboard allows you to see how BBBY is trending, so you know how much support it is getting from retail investors.

BBBY Stocktwits

The BBBY StockTwits forum has 30,000 members: BBBY is a very largely followed stock discussion on Stocktwits. Given the size of the BBBY Stocktwits forum, there are a lot of messages being sent in this discussion daily, it is tough to keep up and the information is relatively lacking. Like many of the other discussions on Stocktwits, the quality of the BBBY posts is typically low, and there is a decent amount of spam posts due to the larger following.

Daily message volume is about 5k: The BBBY Stocktwits community is not very active relative to the overall size of the BBBY Stocktwits forum. We are looking at a 5% ratio of message volume to number of watchers. This is not a bad things - it allows you to see messages, quickly filter through spam, and find some posts of substance

Overall, the BBBY Stocktwits community is somewhat large, and active for its size. This has led me to rating the BBBY Stocktwits chat a 6/10.

BBBY Reddit

The r/BBBY subreddit is a dedicated BBBY subreddit and contains discussions about BBBY stock price, due diligence, and memes.

The BBBY subreddit has 4,000 members: The BBBY Reddit is a decent size subreddit for an individual stock. The BBBY Reddit community is somewhat active with a few new posts a day. Most of the posts are videos talking about BBBY and the stock price. There are also a fair number of people posting and sharing their positions in BBBY - which is good to see. You will also come across a few good memes

As of writing this, r/BBBY_stock has 50 active users: For a subreddit of BBBY's size 50 active users is okay but not great. This subreddit is somewhat active but it might take some time to find some substantial content if you're new BBBY investor. Here is some decent BBBY DD provided by a Reddit User

Overall, the BBBY subreddit is a decent size, and they are somewhat active. Due to this fact, I would rate the BBBY subreddit a 8/10.

BBBY Analyst Consensus and Price Target:

Here is the review of consensus ratings analysts have given for BBBY.

BBBY has earned an overall rating of 4/5, a risk rating grade of A- BBBY earned a DCF valuation rating of 5/5, as well as a consensus return on equity of 1/5.

Since the last grading period, we observe a 50 % change in buy recommendations, 40 % change in sell recommendations, and -36.36 % change in hold recommendations versus the previous period. In the latest reporting, the following institutions recommending to buy BBBY, while recommending to sell.