GEVO Stocktwits Following: Social Sentiment Insights

$GEVO – Gevo, Inc. Is a popular StockTwits stock with over 114k members. the StockTwits GEVO forum provides real-time GEVO stock news and insights

GEVO Stocktwits Following: Social Sentiment Insights

Mar 3, 2022 - Stuart Mooney

11:41 AM


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$GEVO - Gevo, Inc. Is a popular StockTwits stock with over 114k members. Tracking the StockTwits GEVO forum provides a decent source of Information for recent news and insights about the GEVO stock. A bit of background, GEVO is a renewable chemicals and biofuels company engaged in the development and commercialization of alternatives to petroleum-based products based on isobutanol produced from renewable feedstocks. Its operating segments are the GEVO segment and the GEVO Development/Agri-Energy segment.

GEVO Stocktwits:

There is a GEVO Stock Forum on Stocktwits, where the members of the GEVO board can post messages and pictures. You can track the real-time GEVO Stocktwits, GEVO Twitter, and GEVO Reddit communities with the Social Sentiment Dashboard.

The GEVO stock forum has 114K members: GEVO is a very largely followed stock discussion on Stocktwits. Considering the size of the GEVO Stocktwits forum, there are not a lot of messages being sent in this discussion daily. However, there are enough messages to keep the content new and make it easy to follow. Like many of the other discussions on Stocktwits, the quality of the GEVO posts is typically low, however, and I find it hard to find quality messages/posts.

Daily message volume is 1800: The GEVO Stocktwits community is quite inactive when considering the overall size of the GEVO Stocktwits forum. A forum of GEVO's size should have more daily messages. However, when looking at their historical message volume, they reached over 2.6k messages/day in mid-January. I think the timing has a big role to play in the activity of the GEVO Stocktwits community.

Overall, the GEVO Stocktwits community is somewhat large, and can be very active, however at the time of writing this, their forum seems rather inactive. I find the GEVO Stocktwits forum to be on par with their subreddit. This has led me to rating the GEVO Stocktwits chat a 7/10.

(NASDAQ:GEVO) News and Price Target

At the end of the month, last month, Gevo started taking its renewable natural gas project online. In particular, Gevo NW Iowa RNG, LLC is expected to produce roughly 355,000 MMBtu of renewable natural gas per year from dairy manure (you read that correctly). According to the company, “Because dairy manure left in lagoons and used as fertilizer releases high levels of methane to the atmosphere, there is an opportunity to capture that methane as biogas and refine it to be used as renewable natural gas.”

Mixed earnings stalled momentum in the market last week. However, a surge of bullishness sparked early action to start the week. Analyst sentiment may have also added to the upbeat sentiment this month. Citigroup started Gevo at Buy. It also issued a $5 price target.

GEVO Stock Performance:

GEVO has been around for a very long time and is a very stable company. As a result, GEVO should recover from all the damages being done and eventually increase over month to come. GEVO, Inc. is expected to issue its next earnings report on 05/11/2022. In the previous quarter, GEVO, Inc. reported $-0.08 (diluted) earnings per share. And during the same period last year, GEVO, Inc. earnings per share was $-0.15 (diluted).

Overall, GEVO looks like a very stable and healthy company, that is slightly undervalued, and is getting a lot of investor interest recently. 3 Wall Street analysts have issued ratings. Currently, 3 analysts rated GEVO as Bullish, 0 rated it Bearish, and 0 rated it Neutral. This suggests a possible increase.

Overall Thoughts on GEVO Stock:

Overall, I think the best way to profit from GEVO Stock is to be bullish in the medium to long-term. This is due to the increased attention, analyst rating, the nature of their business, and their stable yet growing financials. Once the war has ended and stocks start to rise slowly, GEVO should start to increase significantly as well.