Investors Distance Themselves from W After Analyst Downgrades.

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Investors Distance Themselves from W After Analyst Downgrades.

Aug 11, 2022 - Jack Dalton

2:10 AM


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Analyst Sets Lower Price Target for the W Stock

A Stifel Nicolaus analyst just downgraded the Wayfair inc. (W) stock. The analyst envisions a potential 4.63% downside for W shares. Since this price target was set, the W stock has jumped nearly 0.15%.

Wayfair inc. (NYSE:W) has faced a challenging year in 2022 so far, and this downgrade is signaling there is still more downside ahead of us.

Effects of the Upgrade on W's Social Sentiment

Here are the latest analytics from the W Stocktwits and W Twitter communities (over the last 24hrs):

  • 14 Posts (down -77.05%)
  • 7 Likes (down -77.42%)
  • 152.47k Impressions (up 20.1%)

  • 124 Tweets (down -20%)
  • 207 Likes (up 7.81%)
  • 517.82k Impressions (up 76.4%)

As we can see, the recent Stifel Nicolaus analyst upgrade had a different effect on the social sentiment within both the W Stocktwits and W Twitter communities.

Stay Ahead of The Market By Tracking Real-Time W Stock Trends

Both the W StockTwits and W Twitter communities experienced a decrease in posting volumes over the past day (each with varying severity). However, both communities were able to experience increases in their impressions (which is impressive due to their declines in posting volumes.

W Twitter Accounts that Influence Social Sentiment

Here is a count of “whale” accounts that are active on W Twitter (over the past 72 hrs):

  • 11 somewhat large Twitter accounts with 10,000+ followers,
  • 1 large Twitter accounts with 100k+ followers

These large accounts can help Twitter sustain its impressions, even when its posting volumes are down. This is because these accounts are able to reach such a large audience with just a single post. So long as these accounts stay active within the W Twitter community, their sentiment should be relatively sustained.

Whether you are trying to stay up-to-date on posting volumes, likes, and/or impressions within a stock's Stocktwits and/or Twitter communities; diving deeper into the “whale” accounts that are driving sentiment in the W Stocktwits and/or Twitter communities, or just keeping up with how different stocks are ranking in terms of their social sentiment; there is no better time to get familiar with social sentiment data.

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