Investors Interested in MVIS Stock After 10% Run

Start analyzing MVIS Stocktwits, MVIS Twitter, MVIS conversations, MVIS message boards, and MVIS discussions.

Investors Interested in MVIS Stock After 10% Run

Aug 11, 2022 - Jack Dalton

5:00 AM


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Why is Social Sentiment Important? and Where Can You Track it?

In the past, there have been some examples of "Social Sentiment Stocks" like GME and AMC that have experienced expeonential increases in their stock prices based on their social sentiment. This has resulted in more investors paying attention to the social sentiment behind stocks.

The Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard allows you to track real-time trends and insights for Microvision, inc. discussions and Microvision, inc. conversations.

MVIS Stocktwits Sentiment Up Narrowly

  • 298 Posts (up 51.27% day over day)
  • 1,394 Likes (up 79.87% day over day)
  • 217.5k Impressions (down -11.14% day over day)

As you can see, the posting volume in the MVIS StockTwits community has experienced a sizable increase over the past 24 hour period. However, this increase in posting volumes has not translated into an increase in impressions which is quite odd. This may be the result of the accounts posting in the MVIS StockTwits community being small, and not having a large reach.

MVIS Twitter Up Across the Board

  • 132 Tweets (up 45.05% day over day)
  • 929 Likes (up 346.63% day over day)
  • 529.14k Impressions (up 169% day over day)

As you can see the sentiment in the MVIS Twitter community is quite different to the sentiment in the MVIS StockTwits community. The MVIS Twitter community currently has a better sentiment, as every one of their metrics (posting, likes, and impressions) experienced a large increase over the past 24 hours. Furthermore, the MVIS Twitter community is able to garner 2x the impressions with only 1/2 of the posting volumes. This phenomenon is due to the large Twitter accounts posting about the MVIS stock.

MVIS Twitter Accounts that Influence Social Sentiment

  • 23 somewhat large Twitter accounts with 10,000+ followers,

Assuming each of these accounts has posted once and can garner 10,000 impressions, that would result in 230k impressions in 23 posts, which is more impressions than the whole MVIS Stocktwits community received over the past day. This goes to show how much of an influence these large accounts can have on the sentiment of a stock.

Being able to quickly gain insights into a stock's social sentiment has proven to be beneficial for modern investors. We suggest getting familiar with the Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard, as it is a quick way to stay up-to-date with social sentiment across a wide variety of stocks.