Investors Mixed after Recent LMT Stock Upgrade

Learn more about how UBS's LMT stock price target increase has impacted the social sentiment in both the LMT Stocktwits and LMT Twitter Communities.

Investors Mixed after Recent LMT Stock Upgrade

Jul 22, 2022 - Jack Dalton

6:13 AM


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New Analyst Price Target Set for the LMT Stock

A UBS analyst just upgraded Lockheed martin corporation (LMT) stock. The analyst envisions a 14.18% upside for LMT shares. LMT stock has remained steady (only decreasing by -0.39%) after the news of this upgrade broke.

Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE:LMT) has faced a challenging market environment in 2022 so far. However, a fresh upgrade from one UBS analyst is spurring traders to give the LMT stock a second look today.

Could analysts envision a 14.18% upside for the stock? Well, UBS analysts did just upgrade Lockheed martin corporation from “market perform” to “overweight.” In the world of finance, being “overweight” is great for one's financial health.

What does this Upgrade mean for LMT Stock?

This upgrade couldn't have come at a better time for Lockheed martin corporation as their investors have endured recent hardships. LMT stock has been headed downwards over the past year and has fallen from a 52-week high of $479.99 to its current price of $395.20.

However, there is some good that has come from LMT's poor recent performance. LMT's recent adversity has resulted in a great opportunity for investors, as their financial ratios are more attractive now than they have previously been. These attractive ratios could have been an influencing factor in UBS's decision to upgrade its outlook on the LMT stock.

UBS is foreseeing a “better risk/reward ratio” for the LMT stock now than they have previously. With that being said, UBS raised its price target to $515, as they expect Lockheed martin corporation's market share to continue increasing.

If UBS's predictions pan out it could mean more than just a 14.18% upside, as it could encourage further growth in the LMT stock.

Effects of the Upgrade on LMT's Social Sentiment

Here are the latest analytics from the LMT Stocktwits and LMT Twitter communities (over the last 24hrs):

  • 28 Posts (down -54.1%)
  • 18 Likes (down -30.77%)
  • 380.88k Impressions (up 19.67%)

  • 284 Tweets (up 25.11%)
  • 33,340 Likes (up 53.29%)
  • 1.36M Impressions (up 22.44%)

As we can see, the recent UBS analyst upgrade had a different effect on the social sentiment within both the LMT Stocktwits and LMT Twitter communities.

Stay Ahead of The Market By Tracking Real-Time LMT Stock Trends

Firstly, the LMT Stocktwits community had a mixed reaction as their posting volumes were down big (-50%) but their impressions were up by nearly 20% despite less posting volume. This is very odd, and thus it is important to look into the LMT Stocktwits community a bit further to grasp what might be going on here. Overall, the LMT Stocktwits should be down, however, there was one post on Stocktwits made by "Benzinga" which has over 280k followers on Stocktwits. This post was likely to fetch over 50% of LMT's StockTwits impressions yesterday, and without this post, the LMT impressions would have likely been down with their posts and likes.

Alternatively, the LMT Twitter community experienced a very different change in their social sentiment over the past 24 hours. Firstly, the LMT Twitter sentiment was up decently across the board, which is very different than the LMT Stocktwits was (especially when considering their Impressions relied on one single post). This is good to see, however, it is still worth it to dive a bit deeper into the LMT Twitter community to see if we can gain further insights into their increase in sentiment. People talking about the LMT stock on Twitter seem to be very bullish on the stock, citing various different pieces of information including; Russia declaring an extended war, America's plans to increase their defense spending, analyst upgrades, conference calls, and even LMT's technical indicators.

LMT Twitter Accounts that Influence Social Sentiment

Here is a count of “whale” accounts that are active on LMT Twitter (over the past 72 hrs):

  • 15 somewhat large Twitter accounts 10,000+ followers,
  • 2 large Twitter accounts with 100k+ followers

Overall, the LMT community does not have a lot of large accounts posting about their stock on Twitter, however, these accounts are still able to help their stock gain impressions and views on Twitter. The 2 biggest accounts that have posted about the LMT stock over the past 72 hours are klever_io and SeekingAlpha. However, if you actuallly clicked these 2 tweets you woould know that Klever is a crypto ecosystem and there is a "Love Monster NFT" being launched soon and they tagged the project with "$LMT" which is why we picked it up. Factoring out this tweet would most likely make the growth in LMT impressions on Twitter over the past 24 hours be very little or even stagnant.

Whether you are trying to stay up-to-date on posting volumes, likes, and/or impressions within a stock's Stocktwits and/or Twitter communities; diving deeper into the “whale” accounts that are driving sentiment in the LMT Stocktwits and/or Twitter communities, or just keeping up with how different stocks are ranking in terms of their social sentiment; there is no better time to get familiar with social sentiment data.

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