Keep up with NVDA Stocktwits and Twitter Sentiment Trends

This blog post analyzes the NVDA Stocktwits, Twitter, and Reddit communities to get a better idea of the social sentiment that is backing the NVDA stock.

Keep up with NVDA Stocktwits and Twitter Sentiment Trends

Mar 25, 2022 - Jack Dalton

4:51 PM


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Deep Dive into $NVDA - NVIDIA Corporation: NVDA Stocktwits Forum, Twitter Trends, and Reddit Community

NVDA is quite a popular stock on StockTwits and twitter. Understanding sentiment and trends across social platforms is vital for investors. We are going to dive into information about NVDA stock news, and information about the size and quality of the NVDA Reddit, Twitter, and NVDA StockTwits communities.

To continue your own research on the social sentiment of this stock, or any other stocks, check out the Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard. I found this article to be very useful in helping me to understand scoail sentiment data for both stocks and crypto, so I would recommend checking it out!

NVDA Social Media Overview:

NVDA Stocktwits:

There is a NVDA Stocktwits Forum on Stocktwits, where the members can participate in the NVDA stock forum.

  • The NVDA stock forum has 360k members: The NVDA Stocktwits forum is one of the most followed forums on Stocktwits. Furthermore, their community has recently been averaging between 4,000-5,000 posts per day which is quite low (given their member count). However, when there is a major event (and hype) the message volume has increased upwards of 13,000. The quality of the content being posted is higher than other stock twits forums, but still is not very high.
  • Daily message volume is 715: The NVDA Stocktwits community is not very active when considering the overall size of the NVDA Stocktwits forum.This level of posting volume (although not relatively high) allows for fresh content to be consumed by their members constantly.

The NVDA Stocktwits community is a large size, and their posting volume is enough to keep members engaged. Overall, I think this community can get very active when there is hype around their stock, especially when news and information is released about their stock. This has led me to rating the NVDA Stocktwits chat an 9/10.

NVDA Twitter:

The following data is taken from the Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard, as there is no NVDA stock forum on Twitter (just individual posts).

  • NVDA has 6.1k posts on Twitter in the past 72 hours: NVDA is currently the 9th frequently discussed ticker on Twitter, averaging about 2k posts per day (as per Today, there were 2,879 posts, which were able to garner a total of 24.74M impressions, which is an extraordinary amount. Overall, there is far more than enough daily posting on NVDA Twitter to keep the community engaged and the content fresh. Furthermore, the NVDA Twitter community is reaching a lot of eyes, which can help build hype for the stock.
  • Big accounts/activity: Over the past 72 hours, there were a total of 285 somewhat large Twitter accounts 10,000+ followers, and 49 large accounts with 100k+ followers, and 1 very large accounts with 500k+ followers that posted about NVDA. These posters have been able to draw a lot of eyes on the NVDA stock, which could be why we have seen an increase in volume. Furthermore, there were some individual tweets that garnered a large amount of impressions, some examples include this (1.3M followers), this retweet (350k followers), and this (301k followers).

Overall, there are a very large amount of mentions about NVDA stock in the NVDA Twitter space, furthermore, these posts are able to reach a large audience, which helps generate interest in the stock. I find the posts on Twitter are higher quality when compared to the NVDA Stocktwits community posts. This has led me to rating the NVDA stock forum (community) on Twitter a 9.5/10.

NVDA Reddit:

The largest NVDA stock forum (r/NVDA_Stock) on Reddit discusses news, events, and memes pertaining to the NVDA stock.

  • The NVDA stock forum on Reddit consists of 3,900 members: The NVDA subreddit is a medium/small sized stock subreddit. Furthermore, they seem to be inactive, only having 17 members online right now. Lastly, it seems as though they only average about 3 posts per day as well, which further cements their inactivity.
  • There are currently 17 active users: Considering the size of their subreddit (and the time I am making this post), having 17 active users is not great.

The size and activity of the NVDA Reddit community are low, however they share very relevant news about the stock, and is a good resource for NVDA investors to look at. This has led me to rating the NVDA Reddit community a 6/10.

Summary of NVDA Stock and Community:

Overall, I would rate the NVDA online community an 8.17/10. This is due to the fact that their Stocktwits and Twitter communities are good, but their Reddit community seems to be rather inactive.

If you want to learn more about the NVDA stock itself, one of our users has made DD post, which can be found here.