Not Even Analyst Upgrades can Help the SHOP Stock

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Not Even Analyst Upgrades can Help the SHOP Stock

Aug 6, 2022 - Jack Dalton

4:48 PM


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Oppenheimer Analysts Sets New Price Target for SHOP

The analyst envisions a potential 42.63% upside for SHOP shares, and as a result just upgraded the Shopify inc. (SHOP) stock. Since this rating was released the SHOP stock has fallen nearly -0.32%.

Shopify inc. (NYSE:SHOP) has had a tough time, as the SHOP stock has shed nearly 75% of its price over the past 12 months. However, this recent analyst upgrade may be able to attract traders to give the SHOP stock a second look.

Why is this Upgrade Beneficial for the SHOP Stock?

As previously stated, the SHOP stock has had a rough year, falling from its 52-week high of $176.29 to its current price of $40.81.

As a result of this large decrease, the SHOP stock now presents a great opportunity for investors, as their financial ratios are more attractive now than they were previously. These better financial ratios could have influenced the Oppenheimer analyst to decide to upgrade the SHOP stock. With that being said, Oppenheimer raised their price target to $45 per share and they expect Shopify to regain some market share.

This upgrade may signify more than just a 42.63% upside, as it could encourage further growth in SHOP stock.

Oppenheimer's Upgrade Ineffective in Boosting SHOP's Social Sentiment

Latest analytics from SHOP Stocktwits and SHOP Twitter communities (over 24hrs):

  • 29 Posts (down -76.03%)
  • 46 Likes (down -71.07%)
  • 79,136 Impressions (down -81.64%)

  • 272 Tweets (down -49.25%)
  • 7,710 Likes (down -59.3%)
  • 746.59k Impressions (down -65.17%)

As we can see, the recent Oppenheimer analyst upgrade had little to no effect on investor sentiment around the SHOP stock. This is evident as we can see their sentiment has decreased about 50%+ in every category in both the SHOP StockTwits and SHOP Twitter communities

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