Retail Investors React to Recent SPY News and Price Action

Start analyzing SPY Stocktwits, SPY Twitter, SPY conversations, SPY message boards, and SPY discussions.

Retail Investors React to Recent SPY News and Price Action

Jul 29, 2022 - Jack Dalton

6:01 AM


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Why is Social Sentiment Important? and Where Can You Track it?

Out of the several Spdr s&p 500 ETF Trust (SPY) stock discussions available to investors, there are 2 stock discussion forums that influence SPY's social sentiment more than any others, these 2 are the SPY Stocktwits and SPY Twitter communities.

The Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard allows you to track real-time trends and insights for Spdr s&p 500 ETF trust discussions and Spdr s&p 500 ETF trust conversations.

SPY Stocktwits Sentiment Unchanged

Here are the latest analytics from the SPY Stocktwits forum (over the last 24hrs):

  • 10,425 Posts (up 10.73% day over day)
  • 7,778 Likes (down -12.01% day over day)
  • 12.43M Impressions (up 2.48% day over day)

The SPY StockTwits community is one of the single largest stock communities on the StockTwits website with over 400k followers. This is reflected in their social sentiment as seen above. The sentiment in the SPY Stocktwits community is relatively unchanged day over day, which is very normal for the SPY forum as it is so big that it is rare to experience large changes in sentiment. Furthermore, with over 10,000 daily posts, the SPY Stocktwits community has more than enough posting volume to keep their followers entertained with fresh posts/data whenever they are active.

SPY Twitter Reacts to the FED

Here are the latest analytics from the SPY Twitter community (over the last 24hrs):

  • 11,529 Tweets (up 9.57% day over day)
  • 404.07k Likes (up 120.91% day over day)
  • 55.9M Impressions (down -3.51% day over day)

The SPY Twitter community exhibits the largest posting volumes of any stock I have seen on Twitter. The fact that there are over 11,000 daily posts about the SPY stock on Twitter is ridiculous, and the fact that these posts garner almost 56M daily impressions is even crazier. As you might have noticed, the posting volumes in the SPY Stocktwits and SPY Twitter communities are very similar, however, the SPY Twitter community garners almost 5x the impressions as the SPY Stocktwits. This is simply due to the fact that there are so many large Twitter accounts that post about the SPY stock, which we will discuss next.

SPY Twitter Accounts that Influence Social Sentiment

Here is a count of “whale” accounts that are active on SPY Twitter (over the past 72 hrs):

  • 1,051 somewhat large Twitter accounts 10,000+ followers,
  • 79 large Twitter accounts with 100k+ followers
  • 6 very large accounts with 500k+ followers

Overall, there is a ridiculously high amount of "large" accounts on Twitter that post about the SPY stock. This helps the SPY Twitter impressions massively assuming that all of these accounts reach their minimum follower counts, these large accounts would generate 21.4M impressions (38% of total impressions) in just 1,135 posts (9.8% of total posts). As you can see, these accounts have a massive impact on SPY social sentiment on Twitter.

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Furthermore, the largest accounts have been posting mainly about recent Federal Reserve rate hikes, decisions, and the chance of a recession occuring.

Final Thoughts: SPY Forums and Discussion Boards

Overall, investors are very active on the SPY Stocktwits and SPY Twitter Forum. Being able to quickly gain insights into a stocks social sentiment has proven to be beneficial for modern investors. We suggest getting familiar with the Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard, as it is a quick way to stay up-to date with social sentiment across a wide variety of stocks.