Sharp decline in AFRM Stocktwits and Twitter Sentiment

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Sharp decline in AFRM Stocktwits and Twitter Sentiment

Jun 8, 2022 - Jack Dalton

7:41 PM


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AFRM Conversations: Insights from AFRM Stocktwits and Other AFRM Discussion Forums

Can you gain an edge in the market from AFRM message boards? What about AFRM stock forecast and Affirm Holdings, Inc. trends on Stocktwits or other message boards?

There are several Affirm Holdings, Inc. (AFRM) stock discussion forums available to share your opinion or gain insights. From the AFRM yahoo finance message board to AFRM Stocktwits, each message board provides lively discussions for AFRM stock.

The Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard. allows you to track real-time trends and insights for Affirm Holdings, Inc. discussions and Affirm Holdings, Inc. conversations. I'll share a few insights from the two most popular AFRM message boards, Stocktwits and Twitter. If you're not keeping track of what's happening for AFRM across social channels, then you're missing out.

AFRM Stocktwits Forum Insights

Here are the latest AFRM conversation insights from the AFRM Stocktwits forum in the last 24hrs

  • 199 Posts (down -14.59% day over day)
  • 175 Likes (down -41.08% day over day)
  • 675.68k Impressions (down -30.55% day over day)

AFRM forum impressions are useful because it shows you how many people see a AFRM post. This is a great indicator of reach.

AFRM Average Daily Message Volume is 199

The AFRM Stocktwits forum is highly followed (31k followers). The average daily message volume for the AFRM community is 199 posts per day. However, when there is a major event (and hype) the message volume can 4-5x. The posting volume of 199 is sufficient enough to keep investors/followers consuming fresh.

Daily AFRM Stocktwits Impressions are 675.68k

Impressions for AFRM Stocktwits are pretty significant and a good measure of how many people are seeing posts discussing Affirm Holdings, Inc. This is one of the better social momentum and volume indicators.

The AFRM Stocktwits community is strong and its posting volume is enough to keep members engaged. Furthermore, the amount of immpressions the AFRM Stocktwits Forum is generating is very large, and creates a level of awareness around their stock, which is beneficial.

AFRM Discussion Insights From Twitter

Here are the latest AFRM discussion trends from AFRM Twitter in the last 24hrs

  • 413 Tweets (down -12.68% day over day)
  • 7,697 Likes (down -38.7% day over day)
  • 4.52M Impressions (down -60.61% day over day)

AFRM discussions are impactful on Twitter due to the reach and typically high level of engagement. To see how many people see a AFRM message board to follow, you just need to search the #AFRM or use the Utradea Social Sentiment Dashboard.

Who Are The Main $AFRM Twitter Influencers?

AFRM Averages 413 Tweets and 4.52M Impressions in 24 hours

AFRM is currently averaging about 413 posts per day and a significant number of impressions, with 4.52M in the last 24hrs. Why is this important? Like it or not, Twitter is one of the best places for breaking information and news, especially on Fintwit, Tracking the latest chatter and spikes in impressions allows you to keep tabs on AFRM on Twitter. This is arguably one of the most important alternative data sources available to date.

Number of Influential AFRM Twitter Accounts

Here is the latest count of “whale” accounts that are discussing $AFRM. I'll touch on why this is important, but for now, here is a breakdown for the last 72hrs:

  • 62 somewhat large Twitter accounts 10,000+ followers,
  • 7 large Twitter accounts with 100k+ followers
  • 2 very large accounts with 500k+ followers

These accounts have been able to draw a lot of attention due to their existing following.

Overall, there is a very large amount of mentions (cashtags) for AFRM in the Twitterverse (also known as #fintwit), furthermore, these posts are able to reach a large audience, which helps generate interest, and are generally higher quality when compared to the AFRM Stocktwits posts. These large accounts are responsable for a large amount of impressions on the AFRM Twitter thread, and can be very beneficial for the AFRM stock

Final Thoughts: AFRM Forums and Discussion Boards

It's easy to see that Affirm Holdings, Inc. (AFRM) is active across AFRM Stocktwits, Twitter, Yahoo Finance, and other AFRM message boards. Being able to draw investment insights, such as Affirm Holdings, Inc. (AFRM) stock forecasts or investor sentiment, is crucial as a Affirm Holdings, Inc. (AFRM) investor.

If you're not keeping track of what's happening for AFRM across social channels, then you're missing out. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Sentiment Analysis of Stocks to get an edge on the market and with real-time insights from the most popular Affirm Holdings, Inc. forums and message boards.