Wells Fargo Lowers BBBY Stock Rating but Sentiment Remains Positive and Could Lead to Turnaround

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Wells Fargo Lowers BBBY Stock Rating but Sentiment Remains Positive and Could Lead to Turnaround

Jul 18, 2022 - George Lucas

9:30 AM


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New Analyst Price Target Set for the BBBY Stock

A Wells Fargo analyst just upgraded Bed bath & beyond inc. (BBBY) stock. The analyst envisions a potential 39% downside for BBBY shares. Bed bath & beyond inc. (NASDAQ:BBBY) has faced a challenging market environment in 2022 so far.

What does this Downgrade mean for BBBY Stock?

This downgrade could not have come at a worse time for Bed bath & beyond inc. as its investors have endured recent hardships. BBBY stock has been heading toward a crash landing over the past year and has fallen from a 52-week high of $(30.35) to $4.96.

However, there is some good that has come from BBBY's poor recent performance. BBBY's recent adversity has resulted in a fantastic opportunity for investors, as their financial ratios are more attractive now than they have previously been. These attractive ratios could have been an influencing factor in Wells Fargo's decision to upgrade its outlook on the BBBY stock.

Wells Fargo is foreseeing a “worse risk/reward ratio” for the BBBY stock now than they have previously. With that being said, Wells Fargo lowered its price target to $3. However, we are seeing that this is having minor impact on the general sentiment for BBBY, as it remains positive across all the main social channels.

Effects of the Downgrade on BBBY's Social Sentiment

Here are the latest analytics from the BBBY Stocktwits and BBBY Twitter communities (over the last 24hrs):

  • 49 Posts (up 113.04%)
  • 132 Likes (up 221.95%)
  • 120.87k Impressions (up 71.66%)
  • 124 Tweets (up 69.86%)
  • 2,875 Likes (down -87.61%)
  • 462.97k Impressions (up 65.37%)

As we can see, the recent Wells Fargo analyst downgrade had a different effect on the social sentiment within both the BBBY Stocktwits and BBBY Twitter communities.

Stay Ahead of The Market By Tracking Real-Time BBBY Stock Trends

BBBY is still one of the hottest stocks for retail investors. Heavy involvement by Ryan Cohen, current chairman of GME, signals strong support and future potential for Bed Bath and beyond. This is evident in the strong support across Twitter, StockTwits, and other BBBY stock forums

BBBY Twitter Accounts that Influence Social Sentiment

Here is a count of “whale” accounts that are active on BBBY Twitter (over the past 72 hrs):

  • 13 somewhat large Twitter accounts 10,000+ followers,
  • 1 large Twitter accounts with 100k+ followers

Whether you are trying to stay up-to-date on posting volumes, likes, and/or impressions within a stock's Stocktwits and/or Twitter communities; diving deeper into the “whale” accounts that are driving sentiment in the BBBY Stocktwits and/or Twitter communities, or just keeping up with how different stocks are ranking in terms of their social sentiment; there is no better time to get familiar with social sentiment data.